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Old 05-16-2011, 04:42 AM
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Default Finding the right electric kit for me

I recently moved in with a bunch of people and I might have to go electric to reduce sound. Iím used to playing on a Jalapeno kit. Iím not massively happy about going electric so I figured to soften the blow I would get a kit that ticks some boxes my acoustic canít (as easily)..

I want an electric kit that I can put a recording of me playing into a sequencer and quantize etc. It would be nice to record into fruity loops but I can work w/ other sequencers. It would also be ideal if the audio quality of the samples is quite high and they work quite well, I donít want a kit that I have to constantly fiddle with to get a decent sounding noise out of. If I could ďpushĒ audio at it from my PC over wireless that would be nice too, or connect it to my wireless network somehow and stream audio or download/play it, I often get click tracks sent to me and at current I have to take a laptop downstairs, put my headphones into that and play until my battery dies or I plug a charger in.

I also want a kit where I can pass audio into the mix so I can play along to click tracks and other pre-recorded audio. It would be nice if whatever kit I got allowed me to put external inputs in from drum sensors, I forget what they are called, you clip them onto the top of your drums and they signal midi units.

Does anyone know any kits that will suit my needs? The more open the hardware/software the better for me as I like to hack about with source code 

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Old 05-23-2011, 08:58 AM
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Default Re: Finding the right electric kit for me

Well I have a Roland TD-4.
It CAN record on to your computer, but I don't know much about FL studio's.
Not hard at all either. Just requires some thinking the first couple times.
You were saying something about external inputs? I am assuming your talking about EZdrummer and all that. There is a Midi input (or output can't remember) But I know you can do it. It's just hard to find a Midi to USB cable around, but you can get it done.

If you do end up buying the TD-4 I will tell you what I like and dislike.
What I like:
Good sound

Pretty good dynamic range for an electric

Adjustable in some ways

Has a built-in metronome

Has a built-in recorder

What I dislike :
Placement of the brain - I don't know if you like the toms and everything flat and close together, if you do the brain just gets in your way and its so annoying

Cymbals - Can't remember what cymbals come with them, but after about five or six months of playing on the TD-4 the cymbal automatically chokes after every hit, so make sure you get warranty.


It also depends how much you want to spend. This is a good kit for the price.

Only one last thing I can say about Electric drums -
How smart is hitting something electric with sticks (and hard!)
12 Piece Mapex Pro - M
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