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Default Heads for the New Luddies.

After getting my new Ludwigs, the first thing I did was change the heads. I replaced the Ludwig coated heavy/coated medium combo with Remo coated emp/coated amb combo.
I put a Powerstroke 4 on the kick. The only head that I didn't replace was the reso on kick drum.The kick was a pain in the butt to tune and wasn't very loud. I wasn't very happy. Last night,as an experiment, I replaced the stock reso with a used smooth Ambassador. The difference was night and day. It sounds bigger and louder and the head is a year and a half old! I didn't think a kick reso would make that much difference.

The kick is 16 x 26 . I'm thinking of trying an Aquarian Superkick 2 for the batter. They seem to have a lot of low end at high tensions.

Sorry! I'm just rambling about the new kit.
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Default Re: Heads for the New Luddies.

That's certainly a favorite, as well as EMAD's, Powestroke 3's, Ambassadors with felt strips, etc. I'm guessing you're a Bonham fan, so a 2-ply with a felt strip would work great. I've really been wanting to try a Superkick III. It's a one-ply with a big center dot. More focus methinks on a bass drum that big.
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