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Default Mapex Raptor review, double, direct drive

Having finally played the pedal this weekend, I can summise my love of it with one word:


These pedals are a great bargain. They are around $260 for the direct drive version. You get a gig bag, two allen wrenches for adjustment, and a drum key.

The build quality of these pedals is very solid, sturdy, and lends themselves to many higher quality pedals. The rubber imprint on the bottom is very secure, along with two velcro straps. The beaters strike evenly and are convex towards the head. Unlike the flat Iron cobra style.

The beaters themselves have a little weight ont hem to change the feel. This doesn't seem like a difference , but it is very nice.

The shafts that the beaters are on, are not connected, allowing the beaters to be more independant of each other.

The springs are very sensitive. I made about two full turns from the factory settings, and noticed a very big difference. Out of the box these things play flawlessley.

I almost bought Axis, was eyeing the Yamaha version, but got these instead. Money isn't plentiful with children around.

I like these better than the Dw5000's I bought in 1997, they were single drive. In terms of better operating and better built, I would say these have the Dw's trumped.

If your looking for a great dd pedal, and longingly look at the Trick, Axios,a nd Yamaha versions, try these. For the record I liked them better in than the Gibraltor Intrudors in the same price range.

I play jazz, metal(and its many myriad sub genres), punk, blues...anything really.

I had no problem hopping on, playing some "Where the Slime live."
"If I became parapalegic I would try to use my forehead to drum, or my tongue or nose." - Myself
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