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Old 04-14-2011, 08:25 PM
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Default Praises for GPLUS

I have tried many heads for my Gretsch Catalina Rock over the last few years. When I first got the kit, I tried Coated G2s over Coated G1s, then went from there to Coated G1s all around for a while. Next was Coated Remo Ambassadors over Clear Ambassadors. None of these heads ever really produced a great sound from these drums, and I was beginning to wonder about the quality of the shells. These are huge drums but they never sounded that way. In fact they never seemed to resonate at all unless cranked high until they sounded like bop drums which seemed counter-productive of having the giant kit. Finally I decided to give the Gplus heads a try and I am very impressed. These are the first heads that have actually tuned on this kit right away. Not only that, but they have a big warm resonant sound which should be expected of these large drums. I can also tune them low or high which is a bonus since I play everything from swing to rock. I got the coated versions (the new white ones) on the batter side and clears on the reso side, but either would make a good choice in either role as they both have a full sound. Finally, my Catalina kit has a sound, and it's a good one at that. If you are struggling to find a great sound from your kit, try GPlus heads top and bottom and you may be pleasantly surprised.
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Default Re: Praises for GPLUS

I put the clear GPlus on the 12" mounted tom and the 14" floor tom on my Catalina Jazz kit.
This kit gets schlepped to one of our rehearsal spaces which is very small.
The sound characteristics are the same as you stated above and they make my toms sound larger than they are.
I use a coated (not the white coated though) GPlus on my Ludwig Blacrolite and crank it up.
It gives the snare good crispness and a hardcore crack at the same time.
Definitely diggin' the Evans GPlus!
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Old 04-15-2011, 06:21 AM
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Default Re: Praises for GPLUS

I just put G plus on the toms and I'm really liking them so far. It's an improvement over the Emperors, opened up the sound. I put them over new G1s but now I'm wondering if it would have sounded better with the G plus top and bottom.

I really want to try them on a snare drum next.
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