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Old 04-09-2011, 09:02 PM
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Default Returned UFiP 20" Rugh Ride

Just sent back my UFiP 20" Rough Ride. after playing it for about 2 weeks I just could not get used to the pingy/washy sound. Although I loved the bell on this cymbal we had to part ways. Good news, I received my new 17" Class Series Fast Crash yesterday, WOW. A fantastic sounding cymbal that looks just as good as it sounds. Med to thin thickness that has a very subtle turned up edge (similar to a china) which gives this cymbal a very unique quality and sound that cuts unbelieveably. And the bell on this also has fantastic tone and sound that cuts through incredibly.

I was given a 100% refund on the Rough Ride (could not believe that) which I actually ended up putting towards a new 20" Class Med Ride and a set of 14" Class Hats. They will hopefully arrive within the next few weeks and I will update you on their sound and quality when I receive them. I did keep the 18" Rough Crash and the 18" Natural China, truly great sounding pies that have inspired me to switch entirely over UFiP cymbals...FYI,,,,I still have plenty of quality Zildjians that I may trade for other gear besides cymbals...I play a SONOR S-Classix kit, use DW pedals, and use Pearl and Gibralter hardware. May also be interested in some unique gear or possibly even some recording equipment (for my son) or anything else you may have laying around that has been collecting dust and taking up space...Just throwin it out there...

What I have left: 22" K Dry Light Ride - 18" A Custom Fast Crash - 18" A Custom EFX - 16" Oriental China - 14" K Custom Sessions Hats - 12" Z Custom Splash....The only Zildjian I will keep is my 14" K Dark Crash...
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Default Re: Returned UFiP 20" Rugh Ride

Hmm - I've been looking for a well-priced A Custom EFX for awhile - how much were you thinking? Feel free to PM me if you're not comfortable telling everybody.
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