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Old 04-01-2011, 04:53 PM
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Default Axis Longboard Double Pedal Setup HELP!!

Hey guys, this is my first post. Hope you can help me out. So i've had an Axis Longboard Double Pedal for a few months now. I am a self taught drummer and am not very knowledgable about using different settings to achieve full potential (hence my post here :) ) I play thrash/ death metal. I traded my Iron Cobras for the Axis Longboards as i plan on doing some heel toe double bassing

I know a lof of guys say "find settings you are comfortable with", well thats my problem, i dont know what im doing and i want to get full potential out of the pedals, im not picky! i want to try other peoples settings and then go from there.

I plan to use the Heel Toe method. a lot of videos teach technique NOT setup!

Please let me know what your settings are!
Here are the things i have questions about:

where is your spring tension?

how tight is your bassdrum head?

footboard angle?

beater distance from the head?

when i pull back on the beaters should the spring in unison and stop at the same time?

any other adjustments to assist in fully utilizing this pedal for double bassing and heel toeing?

i hope to hear from you guys!
i apologize if this has been posted. I looked thru the heel toe technique thread and didnt find much help (a lot of broken links)
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Old 04-06-2011, 04:02 PM
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Default Re: Axis Longboard Double Pedal Setup HELP!!

thanks for all the replies....

this forum is trash
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Default Re: Axis Longboard Double Pedal Setup HELP!!

Because YOU can't figure out what YOU like? You're kidding right?

How is knowing someone else's setting going to help you achieve your full potential? Why can't you play around with your own settings and find where it works best for you? You've had these things for a few months, what's stopping you from experimenting?
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