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Default Attack drum heads

so i have a question i really want to try this drum head as a coated resonant head for my bass drum head and put a badge on it like old school jazz drummers with thier initials in the badge, and put an aquarian port hole to make it look more serious than "holz" rings that totally fucked up my head

i heard pretty good things from these heads but would these sound pretty good as a resonant drom my bass drum?
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Default Re: Attack drum heads

Please don't use profanity on this board. I'm sure you can find another way of writing a sentence without resorting to it.
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Default Re: Attack drum heads

I have used the attack heads,the Bozzio clear and coated single ply on snare and toms,and I recently bought a regular attack pre pack,clear single plies with a coated single ply 14' and a no overtone clear Bass head, and I pleased with the quality and sound of all the attack offerings I have used,the quality rivals that of the big 3 IMO,the collars are shorter than than the big 3's heads,more like a Ludwig collar,and I am using the no overtone bass head as a reso no port, and it sounds good,and the price is definitely right.The Bozzio heads are made of the same mylar as the big 3,the regular attacks are made of something called dynaflex,and I noticed the coated attack sounds a little different,maybe a little darker than the Bozzio coated,and I tried both heads on the same snare.
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