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Default Clear Pinstripe over Ambassador X?

Hey guys, my Emps have taken quite a beating so I'm planning on changing my batters in a month or two. I used to have pinstripes and loved them but I wanted a more open sound so I switched to the emps after my Pinstripes' time was up. But man, I greatly love the focused attack and warmer low end of them but they just don't cut through that well when I play with my band unmiked. So I was wondering, would amassador X's (since they resonate more due to their thickness) give me the sound I'm looking for? It seems like it would work well, especially since I dig the sound of clear over coated but I could be completely backwards on this. I know tuning the resos the same or lower than the batter will give more sustain, but because of where I like to tune my batters, the resonant heads vibrate too slowly and sound like paper.

And please don't mention Evans EC2 SST's or Aquarian Performance II's because for some reason, I just don't really like them as much lol
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Default Re: Clear Pinstripe over Ambassador X?

For more projection/volume, try tuning the bottom head higher than you normally do.

Use whatever combination of heads you like, no reason NOT to have a coated on the bottom, but a tighter clear will have a longer sustain than a coated. A clear will retain the higher tones more, so your drum cuts through guitars better.

A tighter reso has always worked for me in the hard rock bands (one or two guitars).

Whatever heads you choose, I'd try one drum first to keep the experimenting cost low.

Good luck!
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