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Old 12-11-2010, 04:38 PM
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Default what to about live click, and tempo changes.

Hey guys,

first post so be easy on me. i need to find a live click track with trigger, needs to be able to store tempo changes ie going from 120bpm accent on the four to 166 bpm then an offbeat accent. so if the song has a breakdown, hit cymbal and trigger @ the same time to have sudden change in tempo. sorry if this is very poorly explained

thanks for your time. Rupert
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Old 12-14-2010, 08:51 PM
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Default Re: what to about live click, and tempo changes.

Well you could make the click track yourself using say garageband or something, and just have the tempo change within the track. That of course would require for the song to be played the same everytime though.
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Old 01-02-2011, 05:56 AM
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Default Re: what to about live click, and tempo changes.

Little belated response here but you should check out Ableton Live. It's a very versatile program for live performances including backing tracks and clicks. It will take some time to get to know all the features of the program but with some basic knowledge you should be able to trigger these changes pretty easily, and on the fly without sticking to a preset song structure.
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