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Old 11-27-2010, 06:36 AM
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Default Mixing and matching up drumheads

Hello everyone. This is my first post on the DW forum, although I've been aware of this site for some time now. Anyways, glad I could join the forums and talk up drums with you guys.

Well, here's a question about drumheads that I had. Basically what I wanted to know is, have any of you ever done sound tests by trying a lot of different head combinations on a particular drum? If so, what heads did you use in your experiment and did you tune every pair of heads to the same fundamental pitch?

This is an example setup:

Evans Power Center clear batter tom head (on batter side)
Evans EC1 clear batter tom head (on reso side)
on a
12" Yamaha Recording Custom tom

And even if you've never really done something this elaborate per se, you can still share your findings about a drum/head configuration that you've had....so you can give me your feedback and opinion on that specific drums sound. And please give detail on what gear you used.

It would be nice to attempt this myself unfortunately stores don't allow you to test unopened boxes of heads (I mean with good reason of course), but it would be nice. :)

Thanks and I look forward to everyone's responses.
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Old 11-27-2010, 06:44 AM
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Default Re: Mixing and matching up drumheads

I've tried mixing and matching single-ply clear, single-ply coated, double-ply clear, and double-ply coated as batters and resos. Yes...every combination. Personally, I like the sound of coated batters (single OR double ply) with single-ply clear resos. Occasionally I'll go nuts and use a coated single-ply reso, but not very often. The producers and engineers tend to like the clear batter heads, though, so I keep a supply of those on hand...

Whenever I try a new head, I'll try it with a clear single-ply reso head, 'cause that's what I like. I'm digging the Evans J1 etched heads right now. I've never really liked pinstripes. I *want* to like fibreskyns, but can't seem to get used to the sound.
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Old 11-28-2010, 05:20 PM
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Default Re: Mixing and matching up drumheads

We tested all of our possible combinations and try out new combinations as we develop prototypes and new products. Lots of possibilities out there. Understanding the physics of the heads you're experimenting with makes a huge difference when it comes to tuning choices and combinations. You can spend endless amounts of time experimenting with this stuff (and we love to do it!). That being said, spending an equal if not greater amount of time on just the art of tuning itself.
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