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Old 11-14-2010, 08:33 PM
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Default Which Drum Heads?

Which Tom Heads are best for that soft fat mic'd sound? Like something that can give a similar sound like not much attack but warm and fat. Im a Cali Reggae Drummer(Mixture of Reggae/Rock/Jazz/Fusion/Pop) and im about to get my mics but i was wondering which is the best to get that better sound. Also what bass heads give that deep fat tone?
Im on a budget so i cant really experiment with heads.
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Old 01-27-2011, 04:09 AM
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Default Re: Which Drum Heads?

Ok man, good question...but I have an answer. There is NOTHING better than the Remo Coated Ambassador for your sound on the snare with a Clear Ambassador Snare-Side on the bottom. Ambassadors respond SO well to mics especially in the studio. I know this from experience. If we are talking about toms, I would go with a slightly thicker, Ambassador-X. These guys are 20% thicker than the standard Ambassadors so they have just a bit more definition. Basically the best resonant tom heads are Clear Ambassadors or Diplomats, it depends on how much sustain you want. For bass drums, a very good and all-purpose sound can be acquired with a Clear Powerstroke 3. Sometimes lighter playing cats like yourself might not like the punch of this one so if that's your case then I would recommend the Coated Ambassador bass drum head. If you do this though, you'll need some internal muffling. Lastly, for a bass drum resonant head, I would go with the Ebony Powerstroke 3 if you choose the Clear Powerstroke 3 for the batter side and a Ebony or Coated Ambassador if you choose the Coated Ambassador for the batter side. Sorry for the long review and for excessive answers. Haha, good luck and always remember, don't switch from REMO. evans and aquarian don't stand a chance.
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Old 01-27-2011, 05:31 AM
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Default Re: Which Drum Heads?

For a very similar type of tom sound you could try either a 1 ply or two ply coated head over a 10 mil clear resonant head. Also if you want it a bit warmer, try a 1 ply coated head over a 1 ply coated resonant head. For the last example, I'm running a Remo Coated Ambassador over a Coated Ambassador for the resonant head. I really don't know what the drummers use in your examples.

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