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Default Using Effects and Loops etc?

Is anyone else doing this kind of experimentation?

I've always been highly experimental in my music production. Both playing live and recording (which has mostly been for my own pleasure). Someone looking at and listening to my (at that time) sprawling 28-module midi setup once called me 'the back-bedroom chemical brothers on acid' which I think was a compliment.

I started out at the age of about 14 building a white/pink noise generator in 1978 and trying to put together a self built electronic drum set... long before Symonds drums or anything. Unfortunately my electronics know-how or minuscule budget was not up to it. Through the years I've owned a number of synths and noise/rhythm generators, keyboards and guitars systems. I've written music for games machines (gambling kiosks) played in bands as the bassist and rhythm guitar and now at the tender age of 46 I'm finally taking up drumming, something I now feel I should have done a long time ago; like eventually finding my spiritual home.

I have recently bought an Alesis DM10 Studio kit so I can practice without annoying the family too much (also have a bit of a heath-robinson acoustic kit - detailed in my profile), but being an avid musical experimenter at heart, I'm complementing the rig out with a number of effects pedals which are normally used for guitar and a switching looper so I can take them in and out. Included in the rig now are...

The Boss Digital Delay DD-20
Korg AX3000G

And I'm intending to add my...

Boss ME-50
Vox Satriani Big Bad Wah

to it as well.

I've also successfully set the midi out to trigger a Korg Electribe SX-1, so have a whole new set of high quality drum samples at my disposal which I can mix in or out as desired to augment or replace the selected kit. This also allows me to load my own individual samples per drum (which can't be done with the Alesis module) and add some very unusual or funky effects. It will even generate a word-clock allowing me to synch it all and even sample my live playing.

I can also loop real-time captures of up to 23 seconds and 11 layers with the DD-20 and then play over the top.

Does anyone else use effects like this on their e-drum system?
I'm familiar with Akira Jimbo, but don't quite have the same kind of thing in mind, I don't just want to trigger samples, but also sample myself wand loop sections whilst playing.

I'm interested not only in regular rock drumming, but also in producing some of my own avant-garde work.

Anyone else doing similar?

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Old 11-01-2010, 01:21 AM
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Default Re: Using Effects and Loops etc?

Not yet but I am EXTREMELY (emphasis) interested in trying to learn about this (very quickly I may add) as I have some pretty good drum & bass/dubstep/electro/garage artists that are wanting me to play live with them.
Most of the drummers I have seen playing this sort of music are using acoustic drum kits, playing simple grooves (with the same drum sound) over every song, adding no percussion parts or loops, which seems totally wrong to me.
I feel that for these styles of music that acoustic drums just aren't going to cut it (for me).

I've been fiddling around with percussion loops etc with a roland spd-s, but it just isn't what I want to do. What I really want to do is to play parts on my e-kit, then set up loops of said parts and use the impulses to manipulate percussion tracks, synth melodies, etc, whilst playing. A bit like a trigger, I suppose. However ideally I want to manipulate these on a laptop whilst playing.

At home I use superior drummer 2.2 running into my module, since I'm mainly recording tracks.
For live purposes I plan to use a muse receptor () as it will be more stable to run any VST's/samples from this for my "actual drums".
I was thinking of also running it out into my laptop and recording the notes into a DAW and record/loop on the fly with a midi controller of some sort. I won't know if this is a real possibility until I test it however.

I know the DJ's are likely to be running something like ableton or serato, so there is a possibility of working together with them to accomplish my goals in terms of the drum/percussion setup.

I plan to get back in touch with some guys like KJ Sawka (who now drums for pendulum) because they have been experimenting with this kind of stuff a lot, I will relay any information that I can get.
::: if required i'll be on a different forum :::
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Old 07-13-2012, 06:46 PM
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Default Re: Using Effects and Loops etc?


You have taken the thoughts out of my head and put them into text. What kind of set up are you working with now? I have been trying to find some good components to rig exactly the type of drumming/dj electro production system you have described. I have a DTX 530 kit, could you help me rig something up like you've described?

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Old 07-16-2012, 12:28 AM
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Default Re: Using Effects and Loops etc?

i used a line 6 loop/delay pedal td6/td3combo. to make the beats live. as i played played the beat i looped it then overdubbed on top of that. and would sometimes resample that beat on my 555 then drop it. with the midi to electribe idea two things, one is velocity you will have to go in and set all the midi velocity receive stuff, then make sure your parameters are right or you will peak out. if you cant set these your beats will have zero dynamics also on midi it can only send so much data a second so a string of 32nd notes at a moderate tempo will not be triggered so press rolls and that sort of thing are impossible but as far as triggering sounds and parts its fine

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