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Old 10-31-2010, 04:16 PM
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Default Using mp3 player to practice

Im currently using an mp3 player and headphones to play along and practice my drums. I see alot of drummers playing along to music that have all their drums mic'd and have some kind of mixing board next to them. What type of equiptment do most people use for this and what does it do for you?
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Default Re: Using mp3 player to practice

If you're watching these guys on YouTube, it's probably so that you can hear their drums, as opposed to or in addition to the drums on the mp3 track.

I've played a lot recently with a miked-up kit at my church, with audio coming through a personal monitor that I plug noise-cancelling earbuds into (look into Ultimate Ears). What this does is give you a very controlled idea of what your kit sounds like to the audience through a PA, and since you are controlling the ambient noise levels, you can actually turn down the audio to very safe levels.

Unless you are a gigging drummer who plays venues where amplification is critical, or you do a lot of home recording at higher quality, I would say get a very good pair of in-ear, noise-canceling earbuds (the ones with flanged earpieces are best), and then to be certain you can slide a pair of isolation headphones over those. The object is not to blast music into your head, by the way... it's to isolate your ears so that you can turn the music DOWN in relation to your drums. This also works great if you're using an e-kit.
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Default Re: Using mp3 player to practice

what alparrot said. nothing more to add.
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