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Old 10-20-2010, 06:50 AM
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Default Roland SPD-S Triggers

Hello all, I'm looking for some help regarding triggers as i'm new to this.

I recently joined a band that would need me to trigger my acoustic drums.

My friend is selling me his old Roland SPD-S and i'd like to use that to control snare and kick triggers, particularly a Roland RT-10S and a RT-10K(also, are those any good?)

Essentially my question is, Do i connect the triggers directly into the SPD-S unit or is there something else i have to buy?

Anyway, I'm sorry if this has been asked before. Thanks to any help given.
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Default Re: Roland SPD-S Triggers

Yes you can connect the triggers directly to the SPD-S. I've hooked up extra foot pedals and IIRC an external pad to my SPD-S - but not acoustic triggers.

As far as I've read, the Roland triggers you mention are considered to be good quality triggers. Having said that, you'll have to go down the tricky road of triggering and be prepared to adjust things like sensitivity, mask time, crosstalk settings on the SPD-S and play around with dampening on the drums.

I don't know if the SPD-S has the best comprehensive acoustic trigger solution if that's important. I've heard that the Roland TMC-6 is a better interface. If you use that in conjunction with the SPD-S you would be doing MIDI triggering. The TMC-6 isn't necessary but may be more reliable and consistent. If you did use it, it would be:

Acoustic Drum -> RT-XX Trigger ->TMC-6 -> MIDI IN (on SPD-S) -> SPD-S Sound Out (R/L) -> P.A..

At that point the SPD-S functions as a triggered MIDI sound source (like an Alesis DM5, Yamaha or Roland drum brain, etc) and is not involved in the translation of acoustic hits to electronic responses.


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