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Old 10-01-2010, 02:28 PM
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Default Probably buying an ekit...

I've been looking into buying an ekit for a few reasons which will be listed below, but so far I've narrowed my search to three ekits, namely the HD-1, TD-4S and Yamaha DTXPlorer.

What I'm looking for in an ekit:
-Portability: Minimal wires would be appreciated, as well as a small rack size.
-Noise level: Doesn't make THAT much noise. I ruled out getting an akit at home because of this, even though an akit is pretty darn cheap, so it's really important that the kit doesn't make too much noise.
-Durability: Decent for practicing at home. I'm still a beginner so it's not really going to be extreme practice of many hours or something, but an ekit would offer more possibilities than a kick pedal with a bass drum pad and some pillows.

My usage: I'll probably be using the ekit that I purchase to jam with some friends, play some songs on it, or practice on the ekit. Not likely to bring it out of the house, but moving it around the house is pretty likely.

Here's my analysis of them from the research I've done.

Price: Around S$1k+?
Size: Pretty small rack, might be pretty cramped.
Portability: Seems to be quite portable due to its small size.
Noise level: They stated that the volume can be controlled, so it should be quiet.
Durability: Looks a bit fragile(or puny), since it looks like it could fall over with a hard hit.
Comments: Lacks the normal bass pedal, which is a huge disadvantage from what I've read. I'm used to using a normal bass pedal (bascially any pedal apart from the built-in version of the HD-1), so I do think I might be frustrated by it. The round cymbals are nice though, compared to the Yamaha DTXPlorer's pie shaped cymbals.

Price: Not sure about this, I doubt any stores in Singapore sell thiis model. Maybe around S$1.7k total if I do ship over including the kit.
Size: Decent size
Portability: Doesn't really look that portable
Noise level: It might be pretty loud, but I'm fairly sure the volume can be controlled.
Durability: Looks like it can take a (light) beating
Comments: Looks pretty decent for a beginner ekit, I had set my mind on getting one when the Yamaha DTXplorer came along.

Price: Less than S$1k if I get from ebay, I'm fine with 2nd hand ekits.
Size: Looks quite good for size
Portability: I read that it can be assembled/broken down quite easily, although like the TD-4S, it doesn't look that portable.
Noise level: Yep, can be controlled
Durability: Looks like the ideal practice kit at home
Comments: The cymbals, oh my...

As I see it now, the DTXplorer is the top choice for me, but the 'pie' shaped cymbals looks, well, like pies, and their not even a full pie, more like 1/6th of a pie. The lack of a mesh head like the Roland brands also wouldn't be nice, but the Roland models only have that mesh head for the snare, and the toms don't have any meshes. However, the Roland models have a full round cymbal compared to the DTXplorer, but the lack of a decent bass pedal for the HD-1, and the easily avaliability of the Yamaha models compared to the Roland models means that...

I'm in a dilema, which was the main reason for making this thread =/

Has anyone played with any (or all) of these three kits and would care to share their experience(s) with the kit(s)? I guess I need to ask myself if I'm going for looks or functionability, but the TD-4S is also pretty functionable compared to the DTXplorer.
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Old 10-01-2010, 03:24 PM
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Default Re: Probably buying an ekit...

If staying under (or around) $1000 is a concern.... I'd look for a good used DTXpress IV V2...with the latest round yamaha e-cymbals (PCY135, PCY 155 & RHH135 [hihat])....you should be able to find one for under $1000....BTW...the dtxplorer is $599 new (from any music store)....if you can spend more look at the DTXtreme IIISP...they can be bought used for $2000-$2500 (or new for $2599 with lesser rack)..best bang for the buck by far (actually compares quite well against the roland td-20..in fact better in many respects)
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