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Old 09-24-2010, 02:43 AM
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Default Remo Snare Side No-Collar Problems

So, I received my Remo Ambassador Snare Side head with No Collar 'bout and hour ago from Musician's Friend through Amazon, even though I've had problems with them in the past and since decided never to order from them again. I think that got me some bad karma with them or something, and even though technically this is Remo's problem, I still blame MF somehow hahaha. Anywhos, Here's what happened. So I ordered the SA-0314-TD on Monday because it was the cheapest there, and got it today. Pulling it out of the box, I could see it was not completely round, by about maybe up to 1/4", which is quite a bit... I figured I would tune it up and see what happened. I think having no collar helped the problem from being more comlicated. Getting the rim to go on the drum took a few seconds as it wedged in place. So I tuned it up a bit lower than where I have my other snare's reso head tuned. Two of the opposite tension rods were completely loose and not pulling on the rim at all. There were wrinkles by those rods in the head even at this tight 'medium' tension. I left it at 3 more half turns to get rid of the wrinkles, and those two rods still aren't touching the rim. It's wrinkle free now at this 'high' tension, but I worry that it may cause damage to the hoops. It's not so tight that it could cause any problems, it's just that I like it tuned lower for a wetter sound on this snare. Before the questions get asked, the hoops are flat, the drum is in round, and I know how to tune pretty well luckily, and though I haven't fine-tuned the pitch, it is equal at each lug.
So, is having those two rods not holding onto the rim going to bend the rim or anything like that? It's really disappointing because I haven't been able to use the Supraphonic it's on in ages!

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Default Re: Remo Snare Side No-Collar Problems

I'd send the head back for a replacement as soon as possible (so it's not "used").
You should be able to use as little (or as much) tension as you want on this head. It should sit flat in the hoop and on the drum.

Fortunately, I've never had a problem with this head (as far as out of round), and it has a bit lower pitch than a Ludwig Snare side head (A/B), so you should be able to get a wetter tone.
It's not really as throaty a sound as a regular Ambassador Hazy, but even when it's really tight, the head stays a good distance away from the butt plate.

The hazy Amb is a great sounding head, but if you happened to want a crisper sound, the collar on it can create a problem (and NOT just on Ludwig snares) when you tighten it more, especially on 5" deep snares.
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