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Default Same pitch problem

I play with only 2 toms (one floor and one rack) tuned at either an octave or fifth. Sometimes to get an extra pitch in there I like to turn my snares off. The only problem is my snare head is basically a minor second from my rack tom, but a lot deader sounding (I have a one of those muffling rings on it). How do you tune a snare to still be snappy without being so high or cranking the snares all the way up? Or, what is another solution? I don't feel like drastically changing my tuning either. I know this kind of a dumb question, but thanks in advance anyways...
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Default Re: Same pitch problem

If you like your batter head (which would make an obvious change in sound), you could try a heavier or thinner mil. snare side head.

You can change the sound of the drum by a wire change (without changing your prefered tuning) a different set of wires (more or fewer) than what you have, or a different type altogether Stainless Steel, Brass, heavier gage wire, etc...can make big differences in character on a drum.

If you currently use a "regular" snare side, a heavier SS head (like a Remo Emp SS ) will have a slightly lower pitch, and my have a longer sustain. Even a brand change will make a difference.
A thinner one will be snappier and have a shorter sustain.
A low collar head (like a Ludwig SS, or Remo SA-0314-TD) will be in between in the sustain, but crisp sounding. These can also take a tighter tension.

Those are some cheap changes you can do...rather than buying a snare with a different type of tone or pitch (higher or lower) than your other drums.

Good luck!
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