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Old 09-08-2010, 04:16 AM
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Default Looking for an Electronic Kit

Hi, I've been playing drums for about 5-6 months now and love it, I'm in a band with some friends and play on an acoustic kit. However, I can't practice on my acoustic kit at home because it's too loud for my neighbors. Not being able to practice is something that's really painful for me as I absolutely love drumming. So I'm looking to invest in a new electronic kit, my drumming style I think is important for this, I play death metal, generally blast beats, quick double bass single strokes and quick fills. I'm looking for a kit that has a lot of rebound, and will be quiet when playing fast and hard. My price range is around 1000 dollars. I also would like to get a kit with high quality sound for recording as micing my acoustic drums is too expensive.

The two kits I'm looking at, at the moment are the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit. And the Roland TD-4S.

Please give any recommendations for electronic drum kits.
Thanks in advance.
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Old 09-11-2010, 10:05 PM
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Default Re: Looking for an Electronic Kit

Hello - I'm new to the boards, but am in a very similar circumstance in that I am looking for a set of electronic drums with the budget not to exceed $1,000. This will not replace my acoustic set, just need a good practice set.

I have been leaning towards the Roland TD-4, but would like to hear from someone who has the Alesis DM10. It looks like the DM10 has real heads...if so, does it sound louder to others with the sticks hitting the heads than the rubber TD-4?

Also, there is a used Roland TD-3 set at the music store. Anyone have experience with the TD-3? Should this be something that I consider and save a lot of money or just pop for the DT-4 or DM10?

Prometheuz sounds like a heavy hitter (playing deathmetal), but I am a very soft hitter. Does that change the answer for which drum set to consider?

Thanks for answering our questions.

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