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Old 07-27-2010, 12:41 AM
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Default What Do I Use to Record?

Although Im not particularly new to drumming, Im very new to both this site and the concept of recording. I know that drum microphones are used, as overheads or directly on the drums or whatever. Regardless of whether youre using 3 microphones or 10, what do you plug them in to? Ive seen recording stuff on MusiciansFriend and other places, but all of those seem to have one, maybe two microphone sockets. With so many mics, where do they go? Furthmore, what are the cheaper options for this?
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Default Re: What Do I Use to Record?

If you just want to record your practices, with decent quality and little money then get a Zoom H2 (or Q3 if you want video too). You can find them on eBay for <$100. You can either record straight to on-board SD card, or plug into laptop.

If you want to do 'real' recording... well I'm clueless about that.
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Default Re: What Do I Use to Record?

Well, it depends what medium you're recording into. Are you going to record onto your computer? A stand-alone recording unit? Tape? DAT?

What are you looking at in the Musician's Friend catalog?

If you are limited to 2 inputs to your recording device, like a cheap digital recorder or 4-track tape recorder, then what you *can* do is plug into a separate mixing console, and mix it down to send out as the L-R main outputs. Of course, this will take some experimentation to get the levels and panning right, but we've all got to start somewhere...
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Default Re: What Do I Use to Record?

For the simplest recording, it's easiest to go digital. Microphones put out a low-level analogue signal. For this to become a recorded signal on a computer, you need to raise the level and convert it to digital. So you have preamplifiers connected to an analogue-digital converter. Fortunately, there are many combined devices in the market called 'Audio Interfaces' that do both these jobs and then send the processed signal to a computer via USB or Firewire, where it can be recorded and edited using a Digital Audio Workstation package (DAW) such as Logic or Cubase. The signal then needs to be converted to analogue again and amplified for speaker/headphone playback. Again, an interface will cover this.

So. You need a computer, an audio interface, microphones, cables, stands, a monitoring system (headphones and/or speakers) and some form of DAW software.

The interface you decide is based upon several factors, the two most obvious being size and price. My interface will accept eight analogue signals - eg. eight microphones - and record them to separate tracks in the DAW software and simply connects via USB.

Let us know what your budget is. A 'cheap' option to you might be an expensive one to you. For basic drum recording, you need at least four microphone inputs. More will never hurt. A good starting point is the Presonus FP 10. In terms of DAW Software, I recommend 'Reaper' which is fully functional and has a 30-day trial - thereafter it is VERY inexpensive compared to the $500 you might pay for Cubase.

Any questions? Hit me up with a PM or in this thread.
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