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Old 07-25-2010, 03:03 PM
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Default Promblem with my Axis Pedals


(I apologise for my cold)

Hello. I currently have a problem with my axis longboards double pedal, Iv'e recently noticed some play in between the piece of metal which the top of the left spring is attatched to and the beater angle adjustment. Once the ebater moves past a certain point there is a "Click" and some play, preventing me from being able to use the left pedal. the beater angle adjustment for the left one is tight, so I am certain its not that the beater angle is loose, allowing play. Any insight would be much appreciated thank you :)
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Old 07-26-2010, 04:48 AM
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Default Re: Promblem with my Axis Pedals

This isn't really a 'problem', more of an 'annoyance'.

The clicking is the bottom of the spring hook rubbing on the threads of its anchor bolt... lube it, or try loosening or tightening that allen bolt 'slightly', or you can even file the threads a little. Every other connection rides on a bearing, lubing works.

The motion you're showing with the slave is exaggerated, it should never see that much travel. The clicking will eventually go away on its own as the threads get worn from the spring, or you lube it up.
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