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Default Electronic Drum Advice

Hi guys,

I've finally got to California! I must say, music shops here are awesome, from the smell and the stock to the staff. Anyway i am living with a host family now, and i can't buy acoustic drums to put them in the house - my room is too small anyway. So i was looking around in craigslist and found some Roland electronic drums. As far as it goes, the guy in the music shop told me Rolands and Yamahas are much more durable and will have no problems even being used. So question is, what difference is there between roland TD6, TD3 and TD8?

I know the TD8 is much better, and they have better toms.

While the TD6s i found on craigslist has an extra ride, meaning there are three rubber cymbals.
($799, pickup and Tama single pedal, included with stool)

The TD 3 is cheapest of all, and may be the most practical seeing how i don't really need 1000 drum kits, just a normal one will do. However i don't like the TD 3's Hihat, as it is pretty much hard to adapt to the hihat not being in that shape.

This seems pretty good too, considering i won't need to get a double pedal.

Your advice is much appreciated,
Thank you!
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Default Re: Electronic Drum Advice

This site is mainly for A drums, so you wont get a lot of traction on this thread. I have an electric kit (TD20 Roland/yamaha hybrid) in addition to my A's, and I love them. If you are going to use the module for sounds, then go with the highest end one you can afford. If you are going to use VST software and the module a TMI, then it get the cheapest module you can get. I would suggest going over to vdrums.com and spend some time there. It is a great forum with a lot of information. It is also very active so you can post questions there but most of what you need to know can be found using the search.


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