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Old 07-13-2010, 12:34 PM
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Default Tama Starclassic Bubinga Advice Really needed

Hello everyone,

I having been playing drums for over 7 years, and it's one of my greatest passions. I'm 19 now.
I've recently been saving to buy my dream kit, a "Tama Starclassic Bubinga" in the "Ultraviolet Sparkle" color.

Tama has been making this finish in the "Bubinga Series' for years, and it's been in the 08, 09 catalogs. In 2010 tama introduced a new series called, "Elite Series", which there is no difference in wood, at all, it just has a more detailed and handcrafted finish.
I called my local retailers to get prices, and they called up Tama and told me that Tama would still make that color, but only in the "Elite Series", and that it would be more expensive.

The deal I got for a regular 5 piece bubinga would be $3800 plus taxes.
The elite one would cost around $5000 plus taxes. I'm Canadian by the way.

One, I feel incredibly ripped off, not only by my local retailers, but by Tama as well. Why can't Tama do the finish they always did in the Bubinga series? They've been doing it for years. Now if a consumer wants to purchase it, they suddenly will only do it in the elite series.

My questions, and opinions regarding this situation.

I have a list of Ontario music stores, do you think I should call each them up give them the list of what I want. Compare prices, and negotiate, and try to make deals.

I've been thinking about calling up the tama retailer itself and asking them about the prices ect.
Do you think it would be a problem for them to make an exception and make the ultraviolet sparkle in the bubinga series?

Sorry about this long post, I don't wanna get ripped off.
Thank you all for taking the time, greatly appreciated


By the way,

This finish Ultraviolet Sparkle has been my dream drum set for years. I really like the color and am stubborn to get any other finish haha
My budget is really $4500

My drum sizes

12x8 Tom Tom
13x9 Tom Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
16x18 Floor Tom
22x20 Bass Drum

Nothing in this world, that's worth having comes easy~

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Old 07-13-2010, 02:27 PM
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Default Re: Tama Starclassic Bubinga Advice Really needed

I gaurantee Tama won't do anything for you. I waited four month for my Tama Starclassic kit to be made and shipped to my local Guitar Center. It came with damage to my 15x13 floor tom. Tama didn't shed any tears for me. They wanted me to ship it somewhere in the US so it could be inspected. If I were you I would look on Ebay for a used set or start calling around to Tama dealers in Canada and the US to find a new old stock set. Im sure there are many sets out there. Good luck.
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Old 07-13-2010, 05:54 PM
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Default Re: Tama Starclassic Bubinga Advice Really needed

man, i'm really sorry about that. yeah i havent heard excellent things about tama's customer service.
so did u really have your heart set on that finish? or could you find another equally good one? because in the end it's more about the sound vs. aesthetics. but if you liked this kit because of the finish, i advise u to look elsewhere for a quality bubinga kit. im sure u could find an equally good one with a similar finish
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Old 07-13-2010, 08:13 PM
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Default Re: Tama Starclassic Bubinga Advice Really needed

I was looking at that finish when I bought my Starclassic Bubinga kit two years ago. I believe it's been discontinued about a year and a half ago. My "Scorched Copper Burst" finish has been out of the books for about a year now. The Bubinga and Maple series have moved to China for their manufacturing, where as the Bubinga Omni-Tune and Bubinga Elite are still made in Japan, as far as I know. I do know that there is a considerable cost difference between the two locations, that's why the Elites will cost you much more than the now "made in China" Bubingas. I'm still not quite sure about the move of some Tamas higher end kits. I was getting very close to purchasing their Starclassic Maple line, but as soon as I saw the China variety sitting next to the Japan made drums, I changed my mind.

You're not being ripped off, you just waited about two years too long to purchase your drums. I've made this mistake several times in my life waiting just a bit too long to make my decision. The last time I was at my local Five Star shop, they had a used five piece set of Bubingas in Ultraviolet Sparkle in their store.

I hear a lot of negative discussions concerning the poor customer service from Tama, but I have only experienced the positive side the both times I needed it. The first time was some scratches on the front of my bass drum's resonant head. The shop where I bought them said that they couldn't do anything about them because the heads were fitted when they were made in Japan. I said OK and then made a complaint to Hoshino in Bensalem, PA. Two days latter a new 22" bass Drum head was sitting at my dealers ready to be picked up. The second time was when I was searching for a 8" x 7" add on rack tom. Jay from Bensalem contacted me that he had two of them at his warehouse. This too was at my dealers in two days.

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