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Old 02-02-2011, 05:17 AM
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Default Record giant EMI seized by creditor

Not so much drumming directly, but for those of us who've had some long conversations on here about the state of the music industry and how the businessmen took over the labels from the music men than used to run them, this article reflects just about extreme it has gotten.

EMI, one of the "big 4" record companies, who are the parent company behind Capitol Records, Virgin Records, Blue Note, and many others, and serves as the home of The Beatles catalog among thousands of others, was seized by their main creditor, Citibank.

So yes, now much of the worlds most popular music is now owned by the people behind your credit card.


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Default Re: Record giant EMI seized by creditor

Anyone told Johnny?

An unlimited supply
And there is no reason why
I tell you it was all a frame
They only did it 'cos of fame

Gooooooood-byyyyyyyyyye. :-)
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Default Re: Record giant EMI seized by creditor

Watcha gonna do...?

I have a small sample of some lyrics to this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUYf3b8_wj4) by Tool that explain the music biz a bit:
And in between
Sips of Coke
He told me that
He thought
We were sellin' out,
Layin' down,
Suckin' up
To the man

Well now I've got some
Advice for you, little buddy
Before you point the finger
You should know that
I'm the man,

And if I'm the man,
Then you're the man, and
He's the man as well so you can
Point that f*****' finger up your ass

All you know about me is what I've sold you,
Dumb f***
I sold out long before you ever heard my name

I sold my soul to make a record,
Dip s***,
And you bought one
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