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Default 4-channel recording, what do i need?

Hi guys, I'm being overwhelmed by information on the web about recording drums and need some help! I have drums in a big rehearsal spot and the room sounds quite good actually. I have a Tascam 122L which has 2 XLR inputs, and I have 1 good condenser mic. It has a USB 2.0 interface to my computer. I want to use 4 microphones however:

1 overhead
1 room
1 kick
1 snare

So, I know I have many options, and hope you guys with experience can help me weigh them all in. If I go this route, I do plan to sell my Tascam 122L, if I don't need it. Also, I plan to buy all used if I can =D

I want to use the condenser mic for the room mic. Any ideas for the overhead, kick, or snare mic?

Interfaces (would need 4 XLR inputs)-

Analog recorder: This would record to a cassette, then i can play back and record on my comp through a 3.5mm jack. It'd have to have mixing/eq on board though.

Digital interface to laptop: I have a laptop that has USB 2.0, is that enough for 4 XLR inputs? I'm also thinking about getting a new laptop that has firewire on it, which I know should be enough for 4 mics.

Finally, eventually I'd want to video tape the performance too. Whats a good way to do that that will let you sync up the 4-channel audio with the multiple video feeds?

Thanks guys!
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