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Old 05-17-2010, 08:49 AM
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Default remo emperors on tama swingstar?

i have a tama swingstar (kinda shitty, but i got full set with cymbals for $300) and ive got an iron cobra pedal and tama metalworks snare so far. The set sounds pretty good except for the cymbals (which i plan on upgrading with some aax's this summer). I just need the perfect heads.

Ive got remo ambassadors for the resos of each of my drums. I had pinstripes on the toms and they sounded "alright" but not quite the sound i was going for. I pretty much demolished them in about 3 months anyway and i need new heads.

All of my favorite drummers use clear emperors and i love their tone and durability. Im not a fan of sustain though, which ive heard emperors give alot of, especially on lower end kits like mine (that i need to record and play shows on). I have dampener rings but im especially concerned with my floor tom (16x16). ive heard emperors make floor toms ring forever.

wow, so i guess my real question is, how should i tune my toms to provide minimal sustain but a good solid tone? Or should i not go with emps at all? i just need thoughts, im kinda on my own here (self-taught, just joined a band).
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Old 05-17-2010, 04:34 PM
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Default Re: remo emperors on tama swingstar?

You mention not being a fan of sustain...

Keep in mind that what you hear behind the kit is going to be vastly different from what the rest of the band and the audience hears when you are competing with guitars, bass, and vocals. In this case, sustain is your friend and will help you cut through the mix and be heard.

I would go ahead and get the Emperors and use some Moongel to dampen if need be when playing on your own... but I recommend running wide open in a band / live situation or your drums will not cut properly. If ring and overtones are your concern - then spend some time really learning how to tune your toms so they sound good to you.

For your floor toms... try running a clear Emperor as your bottom head as well... that will cut down on some of the sustain without choking the batter head.

Also - if you are destroying tom batters in 3 months... you may want to examine your technique and lighten your stroke up a bit... you can only squeeze so much volume out of a drum before it won't get any louder and beyond that point - you are just wasting energy.... and drum heads. ;-)
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Old 05-18-2010, 12:32 AM
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Default Re: remo emperors on tama swingstar?

I just put clear emps on my kit (Tama Imperialstar) and I love the tone.

I use evans ec resonant and the two are a beautiful combo in my opinion.
the sustain is just right when tuned in the lower register. I can get a very pure tone with
no ringy overtones this way. Nice deep tones that cut.

it's all in the tuning bro...as you start out just getting the wrinkles out with even tension across the lugs you'll hear just as the drum starts to resonate more from the *too low" flappy sound. I figure it's maybe just a little higher than "just above wrinkle" for me.

Sounds killer - here's a clip I recorded - the drums are wide open except for a rem-o ring on the snare - if you want less sutain just put one moon gel on each tom which I think I'll do next time I record to control the sound more.

I switched to emperors from evans ec2's and I am very pleased.
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