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Old 05-09-2010, 11:32 AM
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Default My new ideas and work-arounds

Today I bought a new ride ( ZHT 20" ) and replaced my old one with it but hated the low ring I still got kicking the bass drum. First I was just going to put the new ride on its own stand but ended up redoing how I set up my entire kit and even added in a few things I didn't have there before..

Almost the whole kit

Right side with electronics

Left Side

Now for that ride workaround. I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but I've never seen it before. I turned the boom arm on my stand upside-down and hung my ride from it like a suspended cymbal.

View of the ride drummer's side

Better view of the stand holding up the ride

My ride and my low rack tom used to be both mounted on my bass drum, now only the tom is. Thing is, I wanted it to sit lower than I had it before ( which at the angle and position it was at was impossible due to the size of the drum ). All I did was flip the mount hardware to stick short-end first into the bass instead of the long end.

Top view of the left side of the kit ( see low tom sticking out on the right )

Rack tom mount for my crappy Sound Percussion set

Couple more odd things I did. My parents jokingly got me a cowbell on a road trip to Missouri. I'm talking a real cowbell that is hung from the cow's neck. I made use of it anyway. I took my old hihat clutch and wedged the felts inside the loop for the cowbell and popped the little thing on top of my hihat stand. More cowbell!!

View of my cowbell haha

Second thing I did was take the third ( and smallest ) rack tom from my dad's rogers kit and prop it up on a box and shoved a towel inside. I put my old kick pedal in front of it and viola...I now have that small alternate kick I've been wanting lately!

My sad excuse for a baby bass drum

So there are my workarounds. If I came up with anything new with that inverse-cymbal mounting then I'm a genius! If not let me bask in my own personal glory anyway for finally figuring out how to get that ride off the kick and still in the perfect spot. For those of you who don't know, this is the kind of stuff you have to do when you are a working musician ;-) Hope I gave some struggling drummers some nifty ideas with this.
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