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Old 05-05-2010, 08:27 PM
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Default PEARL DCL-300P Drop Clutch

I just got this and in my foolishness i accidentally cut through the instructions on the back. This is my first drop clutch and i don't know how to set it up. I tried to do it but it just isn't happening for me. Can anyone help me, maybe a step by step way?. It looks like this -

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Default Re: PEARL DCL-300P Drop Clutch

Hi there,

If you lay the whole drop clutch in your hand, it should fall apart in two pieces (A and B on the picture).

Take the part A, unscrew the bottom part, take of the bottom rubber piece and install your top hat. Replace the rubber part and rescrew the bottom part. You will need to tighten the square headed screw with your drum key to stop the bottom part from unscrewing because of vibration. Once, that's done simply place the part A with the top hat on your hihat stand as you normally would.

Now take the part B and place it on the rod of your hihat stand, on top of part A so it locks on to it. Now set the top hat at the wanted height and tighten the wing nut as you would with a normal hihat clutch.

Whenever you want the hats to be closed just hit the black lever part and the top hats will drop closed. Put your foot on the pedal as if you where closing your hats to make the hats lock back on the clutch.

There you go : )

Hope this helps.
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