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Old 05-01-2010, 04:38 PM
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Default Playing live with ROLAND TD12 .....

Hi guys ....

For years ive used acoustics for live performances, however for lots of reasons I have changed to a TD12 ......

Im looking to use the td12 for live gigs but im not sure how it would sound ....

Instead of the td12 hats ..... I will be using Zildjian z custom 14" hats ..... and have also added a 16" oriental china (zildjian)

All im basically looking for is anyone with experience in using these kits live and what i should be expecting ..... and also what type of gear i should asking my mixer guy to be using for the best sound ...

Any help or even videos would be much appriciated!

Thanks Dan
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Old 05-01-2010, 05:55 PM
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Default Re: Playing live with ROLAND TD12 .....


I gigged for a while with a TD-12. I was using two JBL EON 15s for stage monitors. What I liked about using the TD-12 is that I had a volume knob that I could turn down if we played in really small or live spaces with lots of glass, brick, or tile. What I didn't like was that I couldn't turn up enough to compete with the guitar players. They also would complain they couldn't hear my kick. The problem was more they couldn't "feel" it. The TD-12 only has stereo outs. I later bought a TD-20 because it had individual sends for each pad, and our sound guy could adjust the drums more like a regular kit. Our PA has up to four 18" subs, so there wasn't any issue of hearing/feeling the kick from the front of house. With the E-kit, the drums will only be as strong as the PA.

I never really liked the cymbal sounds of either module, but it sounds like you have that covered using real bronze. I also never felt like the dynamics of the kits was keeping up with music. There are volume limits to both electronic and acoustics, but the acoustic range is just way more wide. If I needed to emphasize an accent, it didn't matter how hard i hit the pad, it just wasn't going to go any higher. I also noticed that transitioning between regular heads and mesh heads wasn't as smooth as I had hoped.

I also thought the E-kit would save my back by being lighter. Well sort-of.. It ended up being just a trade in cases and shapes. With the Ekit I had to carry two fairly heavy large powered monitors and a mixer set-up. I also was taking both modules with me when I played out because what happens if your module gives up before the end of the evening?

I ended up selling all of the electronics and used the money to build a really nice soundproof practice room at my house and I'm back to using a real kit. Modules are getting better all the time, and who knows? Maybe I'll give it another try down the road.

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Old 05-10-2010, 05:25 PM
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Default Re: Playing live with ROLAND TD12 .....

I have a TD12 and use it occasionally for worship services or practices.

What I do notice is that the kits sound quite different when amplified. I have downloaded a lot of kits from Vexpressions and love these kits when quiet and loud!

Your amp/PA set-up will need to be sorted. If you are going straight into the house you will need headphones or monitors so you can hear yourself. Also the band will complain they can't hear you and so you need to sort that out.

I also love the volume control, but agree the dynamic control is very limited.

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Old 05-12-2010, 05:50 AM
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Default Re: Playing live with ROLAND TD12 .....

I have been there twice and both times eventually I went back to Acoustic and was glad I did. I used to use a TD-8 back in the day with 'real' cymbals as I just didn't like the cymbals. I then got a TD-10 EXP and the same thing.....

I too thought man electronic how easy is this to ship around............err WRONG!!!

My monitors I was virtually lugging my own PA..........I started with Mackie SRM450's then the TD-10 I got JBL EON's........

Basically in order to be heard on stage over guitars and stuff I virtually went deaf........

Take the slightest little tweak on the module and you've lost all dynamics of the snare or kick etc

I now do a Duo and use a Yamaha DTXtreme III (cymbals are fantastic) but I want to get in ear monitors

As was said earlier wont matter what electronic kit you have, if your Band has an average PA then forget it..........
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