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Default Die cast hoops and triple flange hoops?

Well i was wondering which ones to use really, i'm currently buying new parts for my snare, and i want it to be loud, sharp, but still quite versatile for the Jazzy stuff.
So which hoops are better for a loud yet versatile sound? Or is a lot of it up to the heads?
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Default Re: Die cast hoops and triple flange hoops?


Die-Cast or Flanged Hoops:

Whether youíre a beginner trying to learn all there is to know about drums or an experienced player with years of service under your belt, the question still stands as to which type of hoop is better, Die-Cast or Triple-Flange. Letís discuss some differences between the two types here and hopefully your choice will become a little clearer when it comes time to pick out your next kit or upgrade your current kit with new hoops.

Die-Cast or Triple Flange, the thought alone provokes an endless loop of pondering. Is one better than the other? What makes one better than the other? What are the primary differences? Which type is best for me? Why do drum manufacturers even use the 2 types? These questions are very common, valid and need to be answered. Iíll break it down and if I fail to cover something here, email me, or write it in a comment and Iíll update the site with it. Fair? OkÖ

Die Cast or Triple Flange

Is one better than the other? The simple answer is no. These 2 types of hoops offer very different sonic characteristics which ultimately change the sound of the drums. Triple Flange: offers more sustain and more ring which translates into a more open sound. Triple flange tends to be the most common type of hoop since itís cost is lower than the die cast. Die Cast: slightly reduces the amount of sustain due to its density and mass. More metal=more mass=a more focused sound with a quicker decay (less sustain).

Is one better than the other? Not necessarily, they offer quite different qualities. What makes one better than the other? In regards to tuning stability, the Die Cast hoops offer a substantial benefit and that is that they tune easier. Thanks to their strength and density, smaller tension rod adjustments make bigger differences. The triple flange take a little more time and effort to tune because they tend to bend a little and require more tension rod turns to achieve your desired pitch.

What are the primary differences? The biggest differences are the composition materials. Triple flange hoops are usually made using steel which is bent, drilled and finally chrome or gold plated to match other drum hardware such as lugs and tension rods. Die cast hoops are generally made using molten zinc which is pumped into a mold. Die cast hoops can also be made using aluminum but are then slightly more expensive.

Which type is best for me? To answer that question, you have to look mainly at the sound you prefer for your drums. If you like a more open and sustaining sound I recommend the triple flange hoops. If you prefer a tighter, more focused sound, almost a pre-EQíd sound, I would direct you toward the Die cast hoops. It really depends a lot on personal preference but either hoop can be used for nearly any style. Personally, I play drums in a rock band but I really like open and sustaining sounding drums. Therefore I use triple flange hoops, 2-ply coated Evans drum heads on my tom toms and snare drum.

Why do drum manufacturers even use the 2 types? Cost, of course. Die cast hoops cost quite a bit more to manufacture in both labor and material. Many factors must be considerd here. Die cast hoops require the melting of metal which costs a lot in itself. Then factor in the machines needed to cut the molds in which the molten metal is pumped, the labor costs to pay the people needed to supervise the machines, etc. Triple flange requires only the use of a press to cut the steel from its original form, a machine to bend the flanges and then simple electro plating as well as the personell. A lot of the time, cost is the number one factor when drum manufacturers choose the types of materials to use in their drum sets.

Die-Cast hoops control overtones
Flanged hoops produce overtones
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