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Default Silverstar introduces himself

Hi guys,

my real name is Nicolai, I'm 16 years old and I live in a small town called Eppingen in Germany.

My story goes back to the age of five years. My dad and I went to a local music store and I was put on a drumchair - "Play something!" After I had hit the drums two times it was clear - I had to get a drumkit. My father, also a very experienced musician, already knew which kit to buy, the only decision I was allowed to make was the color: red!
About half a year later (when I was big enough to reach the pedals of a regular sized drumkit) I got a drumkit as my birthday present. When I came down to the living room at morning, it was already set up.
It was a red BasiX Economy with Meinl Marathon Cymbals. 16 inch crash and 14 inch Hihat. Not the best drumset but hey - I was 6 years old and this was the drumkit for the first "tryout".
My father was my first teacher until I was 8 years old, but then I got a external drum teacher at the local music school. Somehow it didn't work with that teacher... He wasn't willing to show me anything. "Here are the sheets, drum that!" Whilst I did that he read magazines.
After one year he said to me that I should better stop drumming, because I wouldn't have talent ... This was his opinion about me - nice.

Nearly simultaneously to this I foundet my first band. At the beginning we were only performing two titles, but that was quite ok. After some rehearsals we were allowed to perform in front of a crowd of ~500 people at the town square as part of the annual event of our choral society.

After a few personal changes I left the band, I still had fun, but our guitar player was a real idiot and I don't wanted to play with him any longer.

At the age of eleven I got two new teachers. Ralf Baumgaertner and Markus Bodamer - I think you don't know them, but I am very thankful, so I always tell their names
They influenced me a lot at least because they were two really different types of drummers. In addition they were ****ing amazing!

At this time I had plenty of gigs I played with our school orchestra, I was in the band for our school musical and sometimes I had to play for a gospel choir.
As a reason of all this I got really bad at school... **** happens.

At the age of thirteen I joined my first "real" band. My bandmates were all at the age of 50y or above. We covered well known rock songs and oldies with our own lyrics. The lyrics had a comedic component so I'd say we were a "comedyband". After one year and two gigs we broke up.

Around the time of my 15th birthday both of my drum teachers were really desperate because the couldn't teach my anything new. I changed to Marko Klotz (plays for Pepe Lienhard, Udo Jürgens) who is also docent at the famous Pop Academie Mannheim.

About one year ago I joined a dance band as percussionist. Not really the dream of every drummer, but I like it

So far about my little story. I apologize for any mistakes in the text, english isn't my mother tongue

But now, what you all have been waiting for... my drumkits.


Drumkit 1:

Basix Economy in Wine Red

12" x 10" (Emperor / Diplomat)
13" x 11" (Emperor / Diplomat)
16" x 16" (Emperor / Diplomat)
22" x 16" (Powerstroke 3 / Basix Reso)

With a 14" x 6,5" steel snare (Amba coated batter, Amba clear resonant)

Drumkit 2:

Tama Starclassic Performer B/B in antique white sparkle (seems to be a non-regular finish)

10" x 08" (EC2 / EC1)
12" x 09" (EC2 / EC1)
14" x 12" (EC2 / EC1)
16" x 14" (EC2 / EC1)
22"x 20" (EQ 4)

With a matching 13" x 6" snare.


Tama Starclassic B/B 13" x 6"

Pearl Firecracker 10" x 5"

Drumkit 3:

Roland TD 20 BK
Roland KD7


Meinl Byzance 14" Medium Soundwave HiHat
Meinl Byzance 20" Ride
Sabian AAX 16" Studio Crash
Meinl Soundcastercustom 16" Thin Crash
Anatolian Ultimate 18" China
Meinl MCS 10" Splash
Paiste 4" Accent (usually stacked as X-Hat with the MCS)


Millenium Congas 10", 11"
Meinl Marathon Bongos
Tycoon Chimes
Var. Cowbells, Shakers, Guiros, Woodblock, Tambourine etc.


Pearl Eliminator Pedals and sometimes a Pearl Powershifter at my Meinl PM01 percussionholder.
My cymbal stands are a mixture of Bearl B-1000 and some Tama stands..
Tama Iron Cobras are mounted at the electronic drumset.
My seats are a Tama 1st chair at the TD-20 and an older drumchair at the acoustik kit.

Hope you enjoyed it, and I also hope that someone will make it thru my text without falling asleep


At least I'd like to show two of my videos @youtube for judgement if I'm really not talented as my first teacher said


Not a video... but my myspace site

The second one was recorded with my new recording gear - gonna update this thread soon, but I'm still waiting for two more microphones

Hope I'm gonna have a great time with you guys!

Greets from Germany

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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

Hello mr. Nicolai. Very nice kit you have there, although if it were me i'd have shown the starclassic above the basix kit because obv. the basix is good, but the SC is just that little bit nicer, y'know?
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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

I like your set-up's and you sounded pretty solid in the vids. Im glad you stuck with it ! You should go find that first "teacher" and punch him square in the face.
Taye tour pro drums, 8" 10" 12" 14" toms, 5x14" snare, 20" kick. Evans heads, Zildjian cymbals.
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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

You should go find that first "teacher" and punch him square in the face.
Jay that a little over the top I personally think just playing in front of him would be enough of a punch in the face.
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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

MAN! Those are some awesome kits. I'm jealous lol That Tama kit is especially nice
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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

If your drum teacher is right and you "don't have talent", then what does that make me?

I like the kits, especially the B/B. It's nice that you kept your first kit though. Some(maybe including myself) would have sold it by now to offset the cost of the Tamas.

I watched your videos and I'll say your first teacher couldn't be more wrong.
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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

Sounds great bro, welcome to DW. I'm loving the kits, probably gonna get some byzances over the summer.

And like they said above, you should probably let your old teacher play a groove or 2 in front of you. You playing is really clean IMO.

I subscribed to your youtube channel, but I'm not gonna lie, I lost a little respect when I saw that Demi Lavato cover up there haha.

Hope you stay for a while!
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Default Re: Silverstar introduces himself

white kit is pretty dope man. message me your stuffz when you've got it recorded and i'lll have a listen. nice to see a music stand and notation. peace.
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