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Old 03-04-2010, 05:49 PM
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Default Am I being ripped off?

Hey guys, I recently bought what I believed to be a Mapex P980 double bass pedal. When it arrived it didn't have the yellow footplate which immediately caused suspicion. After looking at the Mapex website what i've got seems to match the P780 instead (even though the picture has a single chain whereas mine has double).

So really my question is, does the P980 come in a variety that looks very much like the P780 or am I being ripped off?
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Old 03-04-2010, 08:00 PM
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Default Re: Am I being ripped off?

not sure how to tell really but i got a p750 with my saturn kit and it has the yellow foot plate and double chain. the 780 should just be the double version of that. mass music has a couple of saturn kits set up in their "show room" that have the same pedal as mine, some with black foot plates, some with yellow. my guess is the color changed depending on when they were produced or maybe their produced at 2 different places hence the color change. i'd look a lot closer at the 2, see if you can find some differences in each model and try to match it up on something other then just the color of the foot plate....

http://www.mapexdrums.com/hardware/pedals/ mapex site with all black footplates on every model

http://usa.mapexdrums.com/hardware/pedals/index.asp still mapex site but all yellow footplates

also it seems the 780 and 980 are the same pedal except for an adjustable stabalizer bearing.

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Default Re: Am I being ripped off?

Where did you buy it and what was written on the box? If you have questions, take or send it back.
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Old 03-05-2010, 01:51 PM
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Default Re: Am I being ripped off?

Hi guys, there was P980A sticker on the box and on a mapex card in the box. The company have assured me its the right one and says they have confirmation that the colour scheme was changed not too long ago. It seems to be one of those things where its just not very clear at all.

At any rate I am very pleased with it, the majority of disappointment came from thinking there was a pedal above this that was even better that this already brilliant one :D
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