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Default Head selection for Premier Artist Brass snare 14"x6.5"

Hello everyone, how are we all?

I'm usually confident with the selection in heads I use for my drums but I just wanted to throw this out there to get some ideas because this is the first time I've had any experience with a brass snare.

Basically, I'm running a Remo Coated CS (tuned to C7) for the batter and a Remo Ambassador Snare-Side (Tuned to A6) for the resonant at the moment. It's come time to change the heads because they're from my old snare and I want to try something new, the main thing I want do is move away from batter heads with 'power dots', because I feel that they stifle the response of the snares in the center of the head, which isn't good seen as my playing is a lot more articulate now. I'm playing anything from Alternative-Rock (Pumpkins/Placebo type stuff) to Jazz these days, so I need something that's gonna be quite versatile. To add to that, I prefer quite a warm sound to my snare and I like a lot of tone, I tend to cut down my snare wires to 8/10's so I get the the sound of drum itself without having to loosen the snare wires to a ridiculously loose setting.

So! Pretty straight forward; any company (I'm not loyal to any particular brand) and any type of coated head (be it, single ply or multiple, vented or non vented etc) that doesn't have power dots of any descript.

Hope you're all well,

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Default Re: Head selection for Premier Artist Brass snare 14"x6.5"

Hi Kev. I think the vented evans dry heads are brilliant. They are single ply but have a extra ring around the rim which does the job of a centre spot (yes, in a different place but y'no).

How do you like the brass snare? Is it easy to control? I try to eliminate rings overtones and all fuzzy buzzy sea as much as possible....it can be a right battle!
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