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Old 02-10-2010, 04:46 AM
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Default Snare drum? Ringing?

Im having issue turning my snare drum. I just replace all my heads. Toms bass all of them. All with Evan g2's except the bass with a Evans emad. But im having issues with my snare. Doesnt match up with my tom when I have the snares down. and when I bring it up. just rattles and doesnt sound correct at all. I've watch all the you tube videos. But im just still not getting it. The drum kit is a week and half old if that. Need the help....
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Default Re: Snare drum? Ringing?

Are you talking about ringing from hitting the head, or are you talking about the buzzing of the snares when you play the toms. This is known as sympathetic buzz. Some of the buzz will stay. Just a fact of life. The ringing can be worked on with tuning.
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Default Re: Snare drum? Ringing?

What drum is it, what shell material etc etc?

Steel and brass snares have more natural overtones than most wooden or aluminium snares (as a general rule). Give us some info on your drum. It'll help people if they're aware of the exact issue.
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Old 02-10-2010, 05:00 AM
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Default Re: Snare drum? Ringing?

Its with the snare. Like its horrble loud ringing. I known what it should sound like and its not even close.

9-ply mahogany shells
5-1/2" x 14" snare
and I just put a new Evans powered coated head on it. everything else tuned wedll. Its like a really loud buzzing ringing sound. Should I losen the blatter head? since I made sure it was all torgue right?

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Default Re: Snare drum? Ringing?

Your snare's sound really won't match that of your other toms with the snares off. This is because you have much higher tension on your snare drum's heads than you do with your toms. I just did a head change to one of my kits and decided to use an Evans G1 for my snare's batter head instead of the usual Power Center Reverse Dot. During the initial tuning, I also had an aggravating rig to my drum, even though the heads were in tune with themselves. I just tightened the batter head a bit more and it basically cured itself. Just make sure the heads are in tune with themselves after your adjustments.

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