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Default What's up

Hey people, my name is Nick, you can call me whatever you like though. I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia, and I'm 26 years old.

I'm a new drummer, I started out a few years ago on my own with an Ibanez electric guitar trying to pick that up but never really had the knack or even the drive despite how great I think guitars are. I gave up on that and never picked it back up. Then I started playing the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games and gave the drums on that a shot, it was great fun and much more natural to me than the guitar.

After getting pretty good at the Rock Band songs, I had taken a trip to my roommate's parent's house to pick up some stuff and her father had recently bought a set of drums and she offered to let me try them out to see what real kits are like to play. Well, something just clicked when I sat down on the throne and the first beat that I started to play was accompanied by this stupid grin on my face. I had no idea that I could enjoy playing music this much.

A few weeks after that I bought a used Dixon kit, I couldn't get the urge to play real drums out of my system the entire time so I had to have my own. It's been a few weeks since the purchase and I'm pretty sure I've played at least 15 or 20 minutes every day so far, sometimes like three or four 45 minute sessions. It's got absolutely nothing to do with practicing to get better, that's just a benefit right now, I just love doing it.

I took a few pictures of my kit when I got it and some new ones this morning, it'll give you an idea of the progression. They are kinda dark, camera on my phone and dark room and whatnots.


All stock skins and mounts from the previous owner but were used enough to replace for sure, he played metal and stuff. 12, 13, 16 inch toms, 20 or 22 inch bass (I forget) Sabian B8 hats, crash and ride, steel snare of some variety.


Ipod and metronome sitting on the snare.

I purchased a cymbal stand and two toms (12 and 13 inch as well) from a coworker for a cheap price, they both had Remo Pinstripe heads in pretty good condition so I changed my existing 12 inch stock head for that and put both toms in a 3 way clamp on a stand instead of mounted on the bass. I then added the other 13 inch rack tom, tuned it down close to the floor tom and mounted it on my ride stand. Also replaced remaining toms with new Remo Pinstripes and the snare head with an Evans Onyx. Still have the same cymbals but I'm in the market for a splash.

*EDIT* I forgot that I mounted my roommates cowbell in between the 12 and 13 inch toms.

New setup consists of: 12, 13, 13 (downtuned, lightly muted) rack toms, 16 muted floor tom. I love it too, the playability has increased almost exponentially since I've adjusted things and I'm only getting more comfortable on my kit as time goes. Sometimes I jam out with my Ipod, sometimes I do snare rudiments, sometimes rudiments with my feet, sometimes I free play and make stuff up, sometimes I see how fast I can do rolls or kick the bass, it's all fun though.

I might not end up posting here much, I'm not sure, but I've read the forum for a while so I felt I should introduce myself.

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