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Old 11-30-2009, 07:12 PM
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Default Ludwig Accent vs Pearl Sound Check

I've been playing music (guitar, bass, trumpet) for a long time and have always had a good sense of rhythm. I'm 26 now and I think it's time to dabble in the drum world. I've been researching these two kits:



They are the same price, though there's a $50 off coupon that works on the Ludwig but not the Pearl this week. Both kits come with hardware and the same set of cymbals. Talking to a guy at the local Guitar Center, he said he could probably swap out the ZBT pack for a B8 pack so I'd like some input on that as well.

I have a pretty full compliment of other instruments so I'd like something that I sounds decent enough to record with. Thanks in advance for the insight on either of these kits or any other recommendations.

edit: I forgot to mention that I play all different kinds of music so versatility is also something I'm looking for.
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Default Re: Ludwig Accent vs Pearl Sound Check

The mantra around here is that it's better to hit Craigs List or ebay for higher quality used stuff than to buy crappy new stuff.

You could probably make those drums work, but you would need to replace the heads right off the bat. That alone will set you back a couple hundred.

You won't find many fans of Sabian B8/B8 Pro or Zildjian ZBT/ZXT/ZHT around here, either (a few maybe, but not many). Sabian AA/AAX can be found for good prices used, as can Avedis Zildjian and Zildjian A Customs just to name those two companies better offerings.

You can pretty much get a set of used pro-quality cymbals for a good price that are way better than those entry level packs if you keep an eye out and have just a little patience.

If it were my $600, I would look online for something better used. If people stopped buying lame starter kits like that, then maybe we could keep them from clogging up our landfills!
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Default Re: Ludwig Accent vs Pearl Sound Check

Good advice from the previous poster. Look on E-bay or craigslist and you can find a GOOD used kit for that kind of money. You can even score a kit with cymbals, because I have seen them. Don't waste your hard earned money on junk.
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