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Default Re: Electronic kits YOUR OPINIONS

Originally Posted by thepeople'sjay View Post
thanks for the welcome, i really like this website, and am glad to finally, officially be a part of it. on to business:

i got really worked up about this thread because i have been playing percussion for 18 years. i have owned several acoustic kits, including an extensive percussion kit. i am not a thrasher. i have studied every facet of percussion that i have been able to. i can play finger palm techniques on congas, i can rip a guiro in just about any groove, timbale technique, including cascara and finger taps, not just pounding out fills. timpani, marimba, xlyo, chimes, love to play and have studied them all. marching percussion? orchestral percussion? latin percussion? you bet. programming drums and percussion? composing songs? playing new and original music live? believe it. my personal favorite way to express myself musically is behind a drumset, which i can play very well and have done so for a long time, but i got tired of 5 drums and 4 cymbals which dont change signifcantly throughout a set and everyother drummer has. lets make something new, shall we? i really like hip hop, and electronic music, as well as legends such as bonham, carey, beuford, moon, roach, and others, and the bands that they were a part of. i am not saying that acoustic drums have no place in music, but i, having studied percussion extensively, am wanting to push the boundries of what percussion is and can do. a drummer is almost non existant in hip hop, with the exception of a few, such as ?uestlove, who is a hero of mine, but not because he sounds like a drum machine, but because he is a geniouse, in demand producer and composer for all kinds of rad stuff, and the drummer. that is a musician, not a drummer. dj shadow has amazing drum parts, but ive never seen him sit behind a kit. but with my electronic kit and a laptop, i can have 10 percussion parts rockin at the same time, a cool drum beat, and still get to jam, without having a billion "drummers" wailing away and trying to outdo themselves.

and next, of course all musical instruments are an investment, and of course, wood instruments gain value over time as the resin hardens, and electronic instruments devalue over time as new electronics are released. is that the real reason that you stick with acoustic? so that you can sell them at a good price later? i have no response to that. good luck.


p.s. if you want to know what im talking about, you can listen on my website. www.deepsleepnarcotics.com listen to the track called "dog dreams". the kung fu sound effects are my dj, and the synth voice sound is my computer, but the rest, the marimba and percussion, is all my electronic drumset. let me know if you think its lazy.

Well I don't agree with arguing over the merits of an E-kit. If you like it then who cares what others say. I am sure the same was said and to some extent still is about using a double bass pedal when it 1st came out. Ya still have to hit the pad, ya still have to pull off a trip-let or paradiddle when it is called for.

I am actually entertaining the idea of buying an e-kit, mostly because I work nights and days and cant always practice when I want to, thatway I can practice and not disturb anyone else in the house. I will however say that when I have a choice I will play my acoustic kit because I absolutely love it.

By the way I love all the songs on your site, very impressive. I have them playing in the background here at work and so far 2 people have come in and asked who it was I was listening too. Keep on rockin bro.

Not taking sides here just think it's a little silly is all.
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Default Re: Electronic kits YOUR OPINIONS

I only have a little experience on e-drums. How do you get a "rim click" sound the way you would by cross sticking a regular snare drum? The last set I played had what looked like a rubber rim on the snare.
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Default Re: Electronic kits YOUR OPINIONS

Originally Posted by Skacatz View Post
I only have a little experience on e-drums. How do you get a "rim click" sound the way you would by cross sticking a regular snare drum? The last set I played had what looked like a rubber rim on the snare.
You need to use a dual zone pad to do that.

There are two kinds of pads - single zone and dual zone.
The "zone" is where the signal is read from.
On a single zone pad, the signal is only read from the "head".
On a dual zone pad, the signal is read from both the "head" and the "rim".
Anyone who makes e-drums offers both kinds of pads.

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