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Old 11-24-2009, 03:47 AM
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Default What kind of drill bit need to mount a Pearl BT-3 Tom Mount Bracket onto a drum

i want to convert my floor tom into a bass drum. I have already brought a jungle jig converter kit and now the only thing i need to do now is to drill a hole through the tom so i can mount toms on it like a bass drum. What would be the best way to drill a hole through the floor tom and what size drill bit would be suitable for this tom mount Pearl BT-3 Tom Mount Bracket( here's a link ? i have some drill bits that can drill holes through things i just need to know if i have the right drill bit sizes?

link to the tom mount i want to mount onto my floor tom : http://accessories.musiciansfriend.c...ket?sku=447961
i don't care about the sound i just want to mount the thing, can anyone offer any advice to my situation ?
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Old 12-07-2009, 01:37 AM
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Default Re: What kind of drill bit need to mount a Pearl BT-3 Tom Mount Bracket onto a drum

Personally I think I would rather hang the toms on a floor stand. Will the weight be too much for the floor tom?

Anyways, the best thing to use is a paddle bit or a keyhole saw. You need to see what the outer dimension of the tom holder is. the hole should be just a tad bigger than that.

The receiver you are looking at is what should go on a tom. I'm not sure it would be strong enough. I would want a bass drum tom arm receiver. The mount is two pieces and is screwed together with the drum wall in between. This will provide more strength and stability for the arm and the tom hanging from it.. Take a look at the mount on a bass drum you will see the difference..
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Old 01-02-2010, 02:54 AM
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Default Re: What kind of drill bit need to mount a Pearl BT-3 Tom Mount Bracket onto a drum

Says "features a 7/8" receiver. This means that you'll need to drill a >7/8" diameter hole and then the pilot holes for the through machine screws. ALL the screw holes should be 1/16" LARGER than the machine screw and center post. This will allow for expansion of the wood/metal combination without any stress to the drum shell. The >7/8" hole is the same thing. You just want that all these metal pieces, that go through the shell, are un-ubstructed, and can easily slide into the hole with a small margin to spare (for expansion). Another thing, do not use a paddle bit. You need regular HSS steel bits for the screws; hole saw or eq. for the larger center hole. A paddle bit will trash the edges of whatever finish you have.Paddle bits are for rough work, and you really want a very sharp and low kerf bit so as to not tear the edges...
Hope this is clear and helpful...
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