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Old 11-21-2009, 03:21 AM
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Default Which Cymbal Pack?

I can't decide on which cymbal pack to get. Can you help me? The type of music I will play is metal/rock/hard rock. The first is the Meinl Mb20 Rock Pack. The other is a Zildjian A Custom Pack.
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Default Re: Which Cymbal Pack?

I own cymbals from each series you mention. Both are excellent quality cymbals. You can't go wrong with either of the choices. The way I look at it since I think they are equal in quality , sonically, and visually if you want a little uniqueness to your set up go with the Meinl MB20. ONly for the fact you see alot less of them than you do the Zildjian. That's how I look at things all things being equal, and here they pretty much are. I'd opt fot the less common of the two. PLus I do like the MB20's appearance just a tad more than the zildjians. Regarless if these are your choices you can't go wrong. Both are excellent brands and lines of Cymbals good luck
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Default Re: Which Cymbal Pack?

I suggest you go with the Zildjian A series. They're clean, with less tinny over tones. They're highly respected, and have a great sound. The Zildjian A series deliver great sound and cut-through and are highly versatile. You can add to this pack with other brands for effects using Meinle, Sabian, or other brands for effect crashes, splashes, or chinas. Keep in mind that you want a solid backbone for your cymbal sound, then build around them. What's trendy today may not sound so good later on. The A series has delivered great sound for years and will have great resale value later if you decide you want to make a change. Build on what has a proven track record. They're great live, and they record well.
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