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Old 10-27-2009, 03:29 PM
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Default diy electric drums - whats a good module?

hello old friends, it been a while since ive posted here but have come back because this has been the best spot for advice :)

i decided to build an electric drum set, partially to be quieter, but mostly because i like creating and constructing things. im pretty sure ive got the toms and sensors under control, but before i start working on them, i want to pick out a drum brain.

Alesis D4s are pretty common for this kind of thing, and most people seem to be fairly impressed with them. i found a guy locally who has one for sale he said he give it to me for $130, which is a good deal compared to ebay sales. the only thing is this module has only 12 inputs. thats the best in this range, to get more i have to get like $1000+ roland brains. the monster set i planned on building had 8 toms, 2 snares, and 2 bass drums, and then as many cymbals as i could make. but now the module is limiting me to a 6-7 piece kit with the cymbals.

ive looked everywhere i know to look, but cant find a better module. so the question is, do any of you know of a good module with more than 12 inputs but still around ~$130? or is it best to buy this one that i feel pretty confident in and then wait for more money to get a second one?

...o yeah, forgot to say, im suppose to pick the Alesis up tomorrow, so any quick advice would be good :P

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