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Old 02-02-2015, 11:10 PM
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Default My Playground (when I am not in Iraq)

So I created my own three-headed beast in my drum room-from left, my Pork Pie hybrid kit in Dom's Green, a modified HipGig (with Dunnett SS snare drum) with Octapad and my Roland TD-9 and TD-6 kit upgraded with mesh pads. Also pictured is my 8"X28" woofer that Mr. Bill Detamore at Pork Pie made for me a few years back. It shows off the green very well! Coming soon is an 18" Floor Tom to add to the monster!
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Default Re: My Playground (when I am not in Iraq)

Gear Inventory (from Left):
Drums (Acoustic): Pork Pie Percussion
8"X10" Tom
8"X12" Tom
14"X15" FT
16"X20" Kick
5"X14" Dunnett Stainless Steel in Hot Red Powdercoat
Toca Djembe (rigged with Roland Trigger)
Dunnett 5"X12" Stainless Steel) with RedShot Trigger
Yamaha HipGig 22"X16" Kick w/ Aquarian Trigger
Yamaha Hipgig 6"X10" Tom w/ Roland Trigger
Roland Octapad (X2-Black on left, White on Right)
Roland TD-9
Roland TD-6
Roland PD-85 (X4)
Roland PD-105 (2)
8"X20" Pearl Kick (Converted to Electric)
Roland Cymbals (X4)
Assorted BT-1, PD-8, KD-9 spread throughout both kits
15" Apple Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display, running Garage Band and ProTools on Gibraltar GEMS Electronics Mount
32gb Apple iPad Mini (for charts and metronome)
Roc n' Soc Throne

Cymbals: Sabian
From Left-
8" AA Splash on Top of 10" AA Splash
16" HHX Evolution Crash
16" HHX Ozone
(In missing space 18" HH Thin Chinese-off at Sabian being refinished)
18" HHX Evolution Crash
12" HH Duo Hats (Custom)
10" AAX Air Splash
8" HH Splash
8" UFIP Classic Splash
18" Molto Symphonic Suspended (w/ 2 rivets; used as Ride)
13" HH Bright Hats (Distressed and then buried in the ground for two years to mellow)
14" AA Mini Chinese
16" AA Thin Crash
16" AAX Ozone
18" HHX ozone
Not Pictured: 18" AA Flat Ride, 14" AA Extra Thin Crash, 14" AAX Studio Crash, 20" AA Medium Ride, 20" AA El Sabor Ride

Gibraltar Rack System, DW Cymbal Stands, 6100 Series Cannister Throne (retrofitted with 4" Poly Wheels) and 9000 & 5000 Series Pedals

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Default Re: My Playground (when I am not in Iraq)

That is quite a playground you have there. In between all your merriment I'd love to see some closer shots of each station you have there, especially one of that red snare.

Really digging that shallow bass drum, much classier than a regular ol' e-kick tower.
Sale of this space pending.
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Old 02-03-2015, 03:23 PM
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Default Re: My Playground (when I am not in Iraq)

Hi Red! Thanks for the comments-here are some more detailed shots of each "station" Each of the three kits are totally autonomous and can be used totally separately-I just put them together for giggles after my wife found us a house with a drum room. The Pork Pie kit is my favorite kit, but the HipGig gets the most use due to it's portability. I refinished the horrid Yammy Yellow in Glass Glitter a couple of years ago. I found the HipGig on eBay super cheap without the cannister throne, so I bought a DW cannister throne for the hardware. The bass drum out in front was a woofer for the HipGig (after seeing Billy ward at MDFest I became a woofer nut-still am) but turned into a kick tower for the E-kit. Finally, I put a close up pic of the 5X14 Dunnett that Ronn D powdercoated for me.
This gear is the end result of a decade of collecting, trading and looking. For especially the last five years I've been collecting gear from online sources while I have been overseas. Thanks for taking an interest!
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