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Default Simmons SD1 Electronic Drum Practice Pad??

I was looking into the drumometer and ran across this item. The concept and practicality seems intuitively genius so I was wondering if any of you have used it? And if so are they all what they're made up to be? That and do you know of any electric kits that have a built in snare pad that analysis beats like the drumometer does?

"The Simmons SD1 Electronic Drum Practice Pad makes practice fun and adds tons of sounds to your kit. Plug in headphones for quiet drumming practice on your timing, dynamics, and speed, then plug it into an amp and use the many different drum sounds. Let the Simmons SD1 add color to your kit so you don't have to buy all the actual percussion instruments.

With an arsenal of 65 different drum sounds, 6 different metronome sounds, built in warm-up exercises, record and playback modes you will want to bring the SD1 practice pad with you everywhere.

As a drummer, you are the backbone that the other musicians depend on, and if you aren't on time, the whole band isn't. This drum pad features functions that will help you develop better time, dynamics, consistency, and over-all better drumming performance.

The Functions:
•The Beat Check Trainer function will check your timing and make sure you are on, and playing in perfect time
•Stroke Balance Trainer helps you develop dynamic consistency so you play more musically and articulate
•The 6 different metronome sounds enable you to select the right sound for your practicing comfort
•The Record and Playback function lets you hear what you are playing and how you sound.

Simmons SD1 Electronic Drum Practice Pad Features:

* Use with headphones for quiet practicing
* Plug into an amp for performance
* Inputs for additional pad expansion
* 65 drum sounds
* 6 metronome sounds
* Built in warm up exercises
* Built in rhythm games
* Stroke balance trainer
* Beat check trainer
* Large LCD screen
* Record and Playback modes
* Attaches to any 8mm cymbal stand

Package includes:
* Headphones for quiet practice
* 2 footswitches for sound expansion
* Pair of wood drumsticks"
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