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Old 07-07-2009, 06:12 AM
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Default Question's on Electronic Drums.

Are electronic drums loud when you hit them.
Can you add other electric toms and cymbals to them

thank you.
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Default Re: Question's on Electronic Drums.

It depends on which kit you get. Mesh heads tend to be quieter than the rubber heads. I had a Yamaha DTXpress with rubber heads and they were fairly loud. I have played a Roland kit with mesh heads and they were much quieter and felt more like acoustic drums.

As far as adding on, it depends on your module. The DTXpress would allow one more add on. I had mine maxed out with an extra cymbal and 5 piece set up. You could buy an additional module and double your inputs.
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Default Re: Question's on Electronic Drums.

I play Roland TD-20, my mesh snares and tom tom pads are OK not loud at all. However there are other sources of noice, they are: KD-120 mesh bass drum, which can be loud if you play double pedals fast and powerfully, rubber cymbals and rubber rims of all mesh pads. Therefore make sure that you have noise absorbing rug under your e-drum set for your bass drum and isolated room.

Having Roland TD-20 with TMC-6 you can add up several pads and cymbals to the standard set-up. I personally have 8 cymbals, 5 tom-tom and 2 snare pads. If you need more you can do what Thomas Lang did. Having two TD-20 modules he has few bass drums and plenty of other pads and cymbals in his e-drum set almost like Terry Bozzio set-up. It looks great, if you are living in Chicago area you can see it in The Drum Pad store www.thedrumpad.com

Here you can check out all e-drums manufacturers:


Good luck,

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