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Default newbie question: Will new heads last?

This may sound like a wierd question

Since im without a band for a little while, My drums are back at my parents place in another city, setup for when i visit (maybe once a month).

The toms skins are 8 months old and have seen some definate wear, and I want to replace them, but dont know if i should now, or when i get back into a band in the fall

basically my question is, will skins left on a dorment kit (in a climate controlled office) 'age' at all, or will they still sing in the fall if i only use em a few times from now to then?

not sure if i made sence lol

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Default Re: newbie question: Will new heads last?

Personally I'd wait for a couple weeks before you get back together with your band to change your heads. Unless they really sound bad, then it couldn't hurt to change them (it may hurt your wallet though). But if you do change them sooner then later and the kit ends up sitting around for some time, you may want to periodically tune them to keep them tension and tone even.
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Default Re: newbie question: Will new heads last?

I'd even wait until you have your next gig with your band to change them!

Heads left on a drum kit should be fine. When you play your drums, each stroke probably has much more of an impact on the longevity of your heads than just leaving them to sit on your kit, tensioned, for a few weeks/months at a time.
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Default Re: newbie question: Will new heads last?

Originally Posted by klopee View Post

will they still sing in the fall i?

They will be so happy to see you again, they will sing!!!!

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