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Default IMPACT PERCUSSION? Cream to sparkle, before and after.

So this is my first post. I'm from Kitchener, Ontario, and I love drums. Buy em, sell em, play them in a band (www/myspace.com/theestatics). I'm starting up a buy/sell/trade business here in Kitchener because I have such a fetish. There is no amount of shells stacked to my ceiling, or old slingerland lugs and tension rods in bags and bags that could make me sad. In fact I couldn't sleep last night, because I want to wrap my creamy 'Impact' sucker so badly. I took the photos last night at 4 o'clock.

I bought this kit for $200 with a bunch of hardware and cymbals that I in turn sold for around $300, so good deal. I was actually very surprised by the tone I got out of it. I did my research and can find essentially nothing on older impact drums. Based on the lugs hardware and clamps, I say... 70's? I have no idea, so any details known, please spill.
I actually replaced my Pearl DLX backup kit with it, because it's closer to the sound of my old 60's Slingy; very punchy, lots of resonance and warmth.

Anyway, sounds good, looks not bad (off white is pretty vintage esque: yay) but I feel it needs some sparkle wrap. I'm personally thinking green, like vintage Slingerland esque, but feel free to argue with me for your favorite hue. Maybe if I'm lucky, the cream will show through a little altering the green. Or maybe if I did white (silver) sparkle, it would look sandy...

I will order the wrap as soon as I can, and post pictures when the deed is done!

Thanks for reading, looks like a nice place you guys got here.
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