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Old 02-06-2011, 11:14 PM
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Default Kieran Gaffney

Ok, usually I NEVER bash drummers. But this kid has took it to the point where he's starting to piss me off!

So he gets two tries at Britains Got Talent, fails the first time, 2nd time around 3rd place, and did what he did the first time and it was soooo boring (as was all his auditions).
Then I'm like "Hmmm.... Young Drummer Of The World 2011? Got to check this out!"
Go on it, and I see 'Kieran Gaffney' on the Top 40 finalists, I was like "THE F***" and went to YouTube and type Kieran Gaffney Young Drummer and I find this TERRIBLE rabble

Does the kid not appreciate the amount of attention he has? 25,000 isn't enough cash for him? Neither is his own iPod App?
Thankfully he never got through to the final 10, but this kid really showed it off!
His names Calum Blair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIgQSc5jj5w

That kid is real talent, also has a really good technique and played different styles and I really hope he wins, not to mention he doesn't live that far from me.

Do talent shows just destroy kids and turn them into ungrateful brats?
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