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Old 03-03-2009, 01:50 AM
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Default Triggering basics

Ok, so I have been playing for quite a few years in death/black metal bands and, of course, rely on lots of high speed double bass and complex DB patterns for what I do. I've spent a long time nailing down a really good all-round sound from my kit, through lots of research (thanks DrummerWorld!), trial and error. However, I can't help but notice that the touring bands we play with always inevitably have much more impressive sounding kicks, and they all use triggers.

But I am totally new to triggers. I spent a little time looking around the forums, but couldn't find what I am specifically after. I only want to trigger my kicks and I want to be able to achieve a similar impressive and thick sound that I hear from them, both live and on their albums. So, what I am hoping is that some of you good people could point me in the direction of good resources on what to get, how to set it up (in the practice area and in the club), how to get the best sound, how to get good samples, the usage of mixing miccing and triggers (with the extreme metal sound in mind), and any other errata regarding the use of triggers.

For reference, I have some of the following bands in mind: Cradle of Filth (especially on Damnation and a Day), Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth (Demigod, Apostasy albums), .Keep of Kalessin, Nile, etc.... I think that should give you a good picture. I'm not specifically seeking to sound just like any or all of these bands, but there is a certain consistency amongst them that I would like to capture, and am interested in finding out about effective techniques regarding that.

Thanks so much for all your help!
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Default Re: Triggering basics

Back in the 90's I used an Alesis D4 module with a KAT trigger on my kick and snare. I still used an AKG D112 on my kick and a Shure SM57 on my snare. I was playing in a Top 40 style cover band and we played a wide variety of music so when I needed that extra "kick" in my kick drum or a certain effect, I used the trigger. Same with snare. If I needed an effect on my snare I used the trigger.

I am currently thinking about using electronics again on my kit, but more in the Akira Jimbo style, triggering samples of melodies, effects, etc to create songs. I'm looking at the Yamaha DTX 3 module. I like this over the Roland because you can sample with this unit. Also the sounds are killer. And best of all, it's cheaper than the Roland. I haven't really decided which triggers I'll go with. I would like to use either Roland or DDrum. Just need to make sure they're compatible with the Yamaha. If anyone knows if they're compatible (same polarity) please let me know.

Hope that helps ya.
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