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Default Old Pearl Professional DX beaters

Here are my ~20 year old Pearl Pro DX that I bought for $400 with hardware and hi hats about 6 years ago, I've been playing drums off and on for about as long, I'm 23.

I have a 16" A Custom crash, 18"A Thin crash, 17" K Custom Dark china, 8" K splash, 20" AAX Dry Ride, 14" vintage Sabian flat hats that I haven't had the chance to upgrade yet, they sound pretty decent though. I Also have a 16"A Custom projection crash and 20" Rock Ride that I use on occasion.

My snare is the best part of my kit, it's a Pearl Masters Custom Limited Edition 3.5x13 maple snare. I use Evans heads, genera dry on snare batter, ec2's on toms with g1 7mm single ply for reso. Kick drum has an old remo powerstroke 3 and coated amb reso head.

I still use one original cymbal stand, the original snare stand to mount the rack tom, and the original hi hat stand, they've managed to hold up over the 20 odd years this kit has been abused on. I upgraded to a dw7000 single kick and some newer pearl boom stands.

I'm looking for another kit to replace this one and relegate this set to a jam space. Considering what I paid for it when I was about 17, I think this set has done me well. It sounds surprisingly good with these heads on, though I can't seem to get the floor tom to give me what I want. My snare has a nice dry pop to it, clean and tight though I'm currently on the prowl for something steel and full sized. Anyway, thanks for checkin out my old clunkers, as soon as I get some new shells I'll post em up. Cheers
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