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Old 01-30-2009, 04:52 PM
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Default DW 9702 Multi Cymbal stand

2 words Get IT, I got 2 of them last night and these 2 have capapbility to replace 4 boom stands... Not to mention they are going for 199.0 US and at my GC in OKC i got em for 119.00 each.. HELL YEAH. it comes with tons of extra goodies , its pretty much a 9000 boom stand with a puppy bone and and extra boom arm and they all have techlocks( BuT cost about 30 dollars less than a boom stand).. SAWEET. Here is a link, http://www.dwdrums.com/hardware/9702.htm Folks you will not be let down, I got 2 now I can have a boom for my ride, one of these to hold acrash and china and the extra parts will allow me to make my 9000 straight stand a boom ( I am pretty sure) , It could be a straight, boom, double boom, double straight, etc,etc,etc. you see where i am going with this.. And personally i think it is better than the DW 9799, dur to the fact i have never liked the ball socket type clamps they are kinda my buggaboos. I AM SO EXCITED
KUDOS TO DW..........By the way I have 2 pacific boom stands, Vintage pearl hh stand and a pacific snare stand for sale now, I will have all 9000 HW oh yes they will be mine..

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Old 01-30-2009, 09:47 PM
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Default Re: DW 9702 Multi Cymbal stand

Congrads on the stands,I was just looking into the Mapex B990A double boom cymbal stand and the B995A triple cymbal boom stand.
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