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Old 01-23-2009, 08:02 AM
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Default Hybrid Kits (Acoustic/Electronic)

Any of you have hybrid drum kits (post them if possible)? Personally, I am thinking of making an hybrid kit out of my Pearl Rhythm Traveler. What's your opinion on such drum breeding? (I do not have an electronic kit yet)
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Default Re: Hybrid Kits (Acoustic/Electronic)

I started out with a Roland SPD-S to the left of my hi hat, and a loop station. Now I'm mixing and matching all kinds of crazy stuff, including a Tama Techstar "vintage" 1984 six channel synthesizer/drum. Newest item, a Roland TD-7 module, link here: http://harryconway.typepad.com/ to my sick little world.
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Default Re: Hybrid Kits (Acoustic/Electronic)

I have restricted use of my left arm as the result of a motorcycle accident 14 years ago, the upshot of this is that I can't reach round a full acoustic kit, so I ended up with a Yamaha DTxpress II. I never liked the electronic cymbal sounds, so started adding cymbals.

This is the end result:-

- Yamaha DTXpress IV
- 2x 10" 3-zone pads
- 3x 8" single-zone pads
- Pintech 10" Bass drum
- Yamaha DTX Hi-Hat controller configured as a 2nd bass drum
- Stagg 14" Hi-Hat DH-HM14B Medium Brilliant
- Stagg 8" Splash Medium Regular SH-SM8R
- Stagg 10" Splash Medium Regular SH-SM10R
- Stagg 15" Crash Medium Regular SH-SM15R
- Stagg 17" Crash Medium Thin Exo DH-CMT17E
- Stagg 18" Crash Medium Thin Exo DH-CMT18E
- Stagg 20" China T-CH20

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Default Re: Hybrid Kits (Acoustic/Electronic)

A quick quote from myself:

Some of my ''hybrids'' over the time:

My set as it is now (without the 16'' white HipGig kick)

As you can see I had several modules and trigger(pad)s in my set up's (in descending order from new to old) Now i'm back on using an Spd-s and a Ddrum Pro kick and snare trigger (on the side snare) connected to my MacBook Pro with Ableton. For me this works best as I don't have to carry a heavy (although plastic SKB) 19'' flightcase with me and single modules or pads (only a small flightcase with interface, mini mxer and metronome)

So acoustic and electronics can work perfect together:

(John Legend's former drummer Swiss Chris' rig, from wich I borrowed the idea of an Spd-s as midi controller)
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Default Re: Hybrid Kits (Acoustic/Electronic)

I used to run a pearl export triggered out with purple microdots and a ddrum pro snare trig to an alesis D4 module with fantastic results. It took a while to learn the module but after that, i was sold. Set up time vs mic'ing and soundcheck was greatly reduced and the samples... oh man! The kicks were insane! Pretty soon i was adding LP spikes and dauz pads for more versatility to take advantage of all 12 inputs.Just a flip of the dial, i'd switch from acoustic ambient reverb kit, to balls-out tight power metal kit to trashy Nine inch nails/ ministry industrial kit and back again. So yeah, man go for it.
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