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Old 11-30-2008, 06:28 AM
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Default Michael Lee-RIP


I don't know much about him-but I was impressed with his work on the Unledded album.


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Default Re: Michael Lee-RIP

Michael Lee was only 39; certainly no age to pass away.
Personally speaking, he was one of the tastiest rock drummers I've come across, and he has been a huge influence on laying it down, as it were, for me. I still can't get enough of his sessions Unledded and the entire No Quarter project, videos, concerts...for me, that album is as epochal a record as any significant Led Zeppelin album. You can muster technique, but Lee was the king of that elusive quality termed feel, he was heart and soul into what he was playing. But given the vagaries and plain ignorance of mainstream music media, Lee remained underrated and under-recognised till the day he died, and I doubt whether anything will change now that he isn't around.
We lost a great musician at an age when only music can heal lives.
R.I.P, Michael. You'll be sorely missed.
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